About Me

Lynda Wilson, the author and artist of the Butterfly Dreams blog, wears many hats. She writes the blog, paints, promotes her work, creates Youtube tutorials, has her work featured in gallery exhibits, is a mother, and has a shop on Etsy. The Butterfly Dreams blog is dedicated to a better understanding of the difference between dreaming a dream and making that dream a reality. Lynda also discusses the ups and downs of being an artist as well as what happens in her everyday "normal" life.

Lynda has drawn for as far back as she can remember but never thought she would feel comfortable painting until about two years ago. Since then, she has barely been able to put the brush down. Art is her life, her passion, and her way of healing. Her work contains a vast variety of different works but her favorites are mixed media and abstract.

"When people see my work for the first time, I don't want them to just see it. I want them to feel it. Live in that moment and inhale the passion that was put into that piece. But most of all, accept that emotion for what it is, whether it be my emotion or theirs"
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