Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*Print Release* - A Wish For Peace

"A Monster's Wish for Peace"
© 2012 Lynda Wilson

Yesterday I decided not to think things through. What I mean is that I had no preconceived idea of what I was going to paint, I was just going to pick out the colors that spoke to me and then go from there. 

So, that's just what I did and this is just what came out. :) 

Do you ever draw or paint or create something without thinking? Do you ever let your mind wander while you do whatever it is that you do and then look back at your creation and wonder how it came to be?

Well, that's what I did. I painted this and once it was finished, I looked at it and wondered why this particular thing came out of my imagination and landed upon freshly painted lines and splatters of teal, kiwi green, pink, purple, black and white. 

A monster holding a peace sign, what made me paint that? I remember randomly applying color to canvas and I remember looking for shapes in the paint for something substantial to come forward in the painting, some sort of character....but a monster? A peace sign? As odd as it seems and as far away from my "normal" art as it is, I find that this particular piece is much closer to what I am actually thinking and feeling than what I "normally" paint.

Lately I've been feeling sort of detached from the world. Like a hermit crab, hiding away from the ugly parts of the universe. Between the news and the upcoming election and all of the sad stories plastered all over the Internet, I feel like I need to tuck myself away into hermit-crab-land for a bit to recover from all of this sadness and drama, so that I can find the happy in the world again.

It's a tad overwhelming, don't you think? All of the sad stories? The fact that there are more sad stories than happy stories? Why do people love bad news? Don't worry, I don't expect answers to these questions, but these are the questions that have been on my mind lately.

So, I guess in a way it makes sense that this painting was created. I mean, what are bad guys? Monsters. And what am I needing, what do I feel the universe needs? A little peace and happiness.

That is what this painting represents. It represents the universe, both good and bad, as well as the fact that society needs to take a time out and work harder for peace, if even for a brief moment.

It's as if this painting is saying, "let's take a time-out from negativity so that a little positivity can break through."

After all, the world can't be all bad all the time, right? Right :)

Anyway, I hope you like this painting! I made prints of it and they are now available in my shop.

Have a good day!

"I just can't live that negative way. Make way for the positive day!" - Bob Marley

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