Monday, August 20, 2012

Michael Jackson - Media Monday

In my opinion, this is Michael Jackson's best performance. I've never seen it before and found it by accident the other night while perusing Youtube for music and I'm so glad that I did. His music was a huge part of my childhood. I remember watching his Bad video before school on MTV and I remember getting his tape (yes, an actual tape!) for Christmas one year and listening to it until it broke.

I admit, I have been known to crack a joke or two about Michael Jackson just like everyone else, but I love his music. I've always been one of those rare types that have no shame in blasting a good MJ tune in the car with the windows down. :)

Anyway, I saw this and the title grabbed my attention so I figured I'd watch it since it was the best and boy, is it ever. Super cool. In fact, it was so cool that it moved me to's just such a shame that such a talented person left us so early. Luckily, however, his timeless music remains.

Are you a Michael Jackson fan? 

I hope you enjoy Michael Jackson and his awesome talent in this video today. :)

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Charli Armstrong said...


I don't do the jokes though, but that is just my nature, having spent my young years being an easy and relentless target for bullies and rude jokes. I guess I just never forgot how it felt.

Brother Michael has inspired lots of my artwork, a few characters in my books, and even a poem or two or three. He is on my "Wall of Love" along with Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe, Maurice Sendak, and very soon, Jim Henson.

I miss him so much.

I couldn't watch the video because I am still hurting, but I remember that performance and it was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!

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