Monday, August 13, 2012

Classic Movies & Stars - Media Monday

(The young guy in this movie is funny)

I'm going through an old classic movie kick recently, thanks in part to the fact that I discovered that Target has two DVDs with 15 Classic Movies (30 if you get both) for only $5.00 ($10 for both), and in part because I'm a sucker for romance and comedy and hold a serious admiration for Old Hollywood.

(I love Cary Grant!)

I mean, who doesn't admire Old Hollywood? It was so glamorous and beautiful. Even their voices sounded fancy. 

(I never knew who Claudette Colbert was until this movie, I love her!)

Anyway, I was sick last week so I pretty much just watched movies and paraded around my house with my glorious pink blanket around me, flailing my arms back and forth with honey tea in one hand and a cough drop in the other, all while perfecting my Ingrid Bergman and Claudette Colbert impressions. It was serious. 

(This one is from the 70s but I included it anyway because it's really good and I love these two actors)

Even my son participated in the movie watching, impression acting event, something he tried desperately to avoid until he realized how awesome it all is (He's a 12 year old, you know. Too cool for old school). 

(I don't get why Humphrey Bogart was all the rage, although I do like his voice. I also didn't understand why Ava Gardner was such a big deal until I saw her on my screen and now I get it. She's amazing & beautiful!)

So, here is the list of my favorite movies from last week, and as always, you can trust my movie judgement "Implicitly!" They're all really good. I also found a lot of old movies on Netflix as well so you might want to check that out too. Have a good day! :)

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