Friday, July 13, 2012

Dream Studios - Fun Friday

Hello everyone :)

I don't know about you, but I looooove seeing people's studios and workplaces. I love seeing them so much in fact, that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. I love daydreaming about all of the different studios that could someday be mine. Do you do that too? That's what I thought, so have a seat and lets begin! :)

Isn't this desk bright and cheery? I just love the chair!

                                                                                Source: via Lynda on

                         I love how feminine the room above is. I could spend months at a time there.

This room is nice and soothing with all the blue tones. If only we could get a closer look at the supplies.

                                                                               Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

            This red and green studio reminds me of a a painting that I created a couple of years ago.

            Aren't these rooms absolutely gorgeous? I mean, if heaven was a place on Earth, right?

                                                                  Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

               The studio above belongs to Teesha Moore, an artist who creates amazing journal pages.

                                                                      Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

       I find the size in this particular studio outstanding and I pretty much drool with envy any time I see it.

                                                                      Source: Uploaded by user via Lynda on Pinterest

This is one of my favorites, I adore this shade of purple and it sets a very mellow and creative mood.

There are all of these beautiful studios.....and then there's my studio space:

It leaves a lot to be desired (and cleaned), doesn't it? It looks like a bomb went off in there!

 *Sigh* Oh well. We can't all have fancy studios. I am grateful and blessed for what I do have though! :)

Do you have a studio or a humble little workspace? I'd love to see it! 

If you could choose one of the studios above, which one would you choose? 

P.s. Still working on saving up for a new camera. I am also working on learning how NOT to drop cameras, as both my digital AND my phone camera have both been dropped and now make poor quality photographs. :(  Doh! 

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