Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Grains of Wood


How much wood could a would chuck chuck, if a would chuck could chuck wood?

Lol, sorry...I just couldn't help myself. :)

Isn't wood a beautiful thing? Artistically speaking, I have a feeling that me and wood will be great together. Even a lady bug agreed with me as she landed on my shirt this afternoon.

Lady bugs are good luck you know. Knowing this, I looked at her and said "Hello miss lady bug, how do you do?" I carefully guided her onto my paintbrush handle and then looked at her quite curiously. Then, at the shine of a smile, she flew off.

I think she was a sign. Don't you? It was as if she wanted to say, "You're going to paint great things in the grains of wood."

...and just like that, I was back to sanding and priming my new favorite kind of canvas as if nothing magical ever happened.

P.s. Sorry for the lousy photo quality. I'm still searching for that perfect photo collage app.

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