Friday, March 2, 2012

New Beginnings

I have come to the conclusion (again) that I have neglected my blog and my faithful blog readers. My sincerest apologies, dear friends.

Upon figuring this out, I found the explanation. I have been subconsciously telling myself that if it isn't art related, it shouldn't be said here. The realization of this, of course, led to much more analyzing. I started wondering about life and what exactly defines art. Then, as if by magic, my Art History professor asked my 200+ classmates what they thought defined art. As it turns out, just about anything can be art.

That being the case, I have decided to share all of the things that I find full of art, beauty and life. From the art that I create, to the sunset at the beach. From the newest delicious recipe devoured in ten seconds flat, to the smile my son blesses me with daily. These new posts will be posted with just a quick photo and a small caption or they will be paragraphs long with many photos.

Life is bursting at the seams with beauty and art, and I want to record it and share it with you. The ups, sometimes the downs and everything in-between. After all, sharing something is better than sharing nothing at all, right? I just hope you all stick around to enjoy it (insert nervous giggle here).

Life is not a record of perfection. It is a roller coaster packed with adventure. Some twists are ugly and scary, but that just gives beauty the chance to shine.

From now on I will treat each new day like a new blank canvas.

1 comment:

Cameron said...

A blog should be a reflection of your life, in my opinion....and, even though we would love it to be true, we don't spend every day at our art desks...
Share it all! We are here to soak it in :D

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