Thursday, November 17, 2011

You've Been Missed

Let's's been since March since I've talked to you last. Long enough for the seasons to change; long enough for many things to change I suppose. The year started off pretty rocky and I guess I just needed time to be emotional about it. You would think that art would be a part of the healing process for me (because it usually is) but this time it was not. In fact, I barely even touched an art supply for nearly 8 months. Can you believe that? Me- the girl who is always creating something and obsesses over art - created not a single thing in almost a year! When I think about that now, it makes me sad. It is sad, isn't it?

No matter though, because I am back! I've spent the past couple of weeks drawing, painting, crafting and man, does it feel good! It's a wonder I stopped at all. I forgot how addictive it is to create. I also forgot just how much I depend on it to make it through each day because like I said, I'm an emotional being. Not crazy emotional, just sensitive. Some people say that I'm oversensitive, and they say it like it's a bad thing. Sometimes it is, like when I'm overwhelmed and then don't create anything for eight months, or when I'm really tired and then cry over something silly. That said, it can also be a gift. Sensitivity aids me in seeing the world in beautiful ways that others may not see, it makes me grateful for the small things, it makes me stronger for the future, and it is the main power line that lights the way for my art. I have a theory that artists' are more sensitive than normal people. Do you think there's something to that theory? I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter :)

Anyway, enough babbling, lol. My point is that art helps me stay sane and that I am here again. I truly couldn't be happier about it because I missed creating, I missed the blog-o-sphere, and of course, I missed all of my online friends :) I've taken many pictures the last few days so I will have some things to post here soon. Hopefully the picture quality will be okay but I've dropped my camera a few times so until I get a new one, it will just have to do :)

Would you like to vote on which drawing that I should paint next? Simple click HERE

I hope all of you and your families are all doing fantastically. Take care and I will talk to you soon :)

Best Wishes,


Tina said...

I know what that feels like. I tend to deal with stuff through music and dance, and I realized that until very recently I hadn't been playing any of my own music and my house has been rather silent. Not a good thing.

Also I painted the other day and totally thought of you and that we still need to do a family craft day or something.


Badpatty said...

Welcome back. You've been missed. Oversensitive is only used when someone's in a downturn. Any other time, they call the person artistic. I'm glad you're getting back into it!

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