Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you
Lots of love for your family too
I hope you're happy each day that passes
Even if wearing rose colored glasses
Each day is special whether we see it or not
With many loved ones we need not forgot

I'm writing this quickly, while I'm baking
Because many goodies are in the making
A couple more things left for me to say:
I am grateful for each passing day
My life is better because you're in it
My path is brighter because you lit it

So thank you, dear friends, for being here
There's nothing better than having you near
It's amazing the internet can be so friendly
You're friendship will forever be a melody
I appreciate the comments that you have to offer
Because of you, life seems much softer

(c) 2011 Lynda Wilson

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