Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today I met Autism

(Sorry the Tuesday Treasury is Tardy)

Today I met Autism

I silently watched today
Hoping it was a dream
I sat and I stared
As I prepared myself to see
The world was going to crash down
Around those surrounding me
I felt out of orbit, like I was about to fly
I sat there and did nothing, and listened for a cry
 I patiently waited
For the mom to break down
At the very least, I expected a deep frown
But the mother took every piece 
Of advice that was offered
And as she sat there
She got much stronger
Today I saw Autism 
She is not more than three
And when I smiled at Autism 
She smiled back at me
Today I talked to Autism
She said that she loved me
And tomorrow when I see her
I will look at her and think
Autism is a diagnosis
But she will always be my niece
Her name is not Autism
Because that's a label, you see?
Her name is Princess Katie
And a princess she will always be

(c) Lynda M. Wilson

My beautiful niece Katie

For more information about Autism, go here


Liz Walker said...

A Beautiful Poem!!

Orice said...

A thoughtful, beautiful poem. I know Autism too. My friend's intelligent, sensitive and deeply respectful grandson, age 18.

Rosie said...

I'm impressed! Wonderfully insightful, as only someone who has experienced autism can be. My best friend's son has Aspergers Syndrome and it's scary, sad and wondrous, all at the same time... She's a beautiful little girl.

Scatter said...

*shivers up my spine* Thats' amazing!!!

Zaa said...

Fabulous insight , sweet lady... Lovely thoughtful poem.. XOXO..Thank you for visiting my blog.

sam said...

Loved it. Gave me chills.

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