Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Child Within - Tuesday Treasury

If I could be a five year old all over again
I would wear tutu's and mismatched tights because I can

I would never worry about what was planned
I'd only play in the sun until I got a tan

I would always be protected from anything bad
From monsters to Decepticons, I'd just hide under my bed

I would be She-Ra, and He-Man would be my bro
I would be convinced of it as I ran mischievously to and fro

Birthdays and Holidays would bring tons of presents
From purses to chunky jewelry, without needing to learn a single lesson

I'd clunk down the stairs wearing my moms best heels
I would attempt to digest a nasty orange peel

Rainbow Bright and Strawberry Shortcake are cool
But I love Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too

The Simpson's would kind of scared me, I'd think the Wuzzles are dope
And I would have no idea there was someone called a Pope

Gum is a favorite, so are cupcakes and doughnuts
But only the colorful ones, or the ones with sprinkles on it

On my walks home from school I would find pretty flowers
I would think to myself, "I can borrow them and bring them back tomorrow"

Creating dances and doing cartwheels backwards
There is nothing to do except to only look forward

Sunshine and Swimming make me incredibly happy
I fell in love with markers and diaries that had a key

Sure, from time to time I can get quite Sassy
But even during that, I'd think I was classy

I would lay in the grass and create shapes out of clouds
And I wouldn't care less who watched me, or the size of the crowd

Time would be so very much, much slower
And there would be no such thing as any kind of concrete answer

If people point their finger and accuse me of being a five year old
I would just smile at them and say, "Thank you, I always hoped so."

It's never too late to let your five year old out
Because it is truly the best medicine to cure self doubt

(c) Lynda M. Wilson

P.s. Click on the Treasury above to see what inspired this poem :)


Cameron said...

Very fun...
I'd love to spend a day as my 4 1/2 year old daughter...except for the fact that I'd have me as a mother...yikes! Lol!

Zaa said...

Delightful little poem... and yes I would love to be 4 years old again too !!!

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