Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Decorations - Tuesday Treasury

Todays Tuesday Treasury features many things for your Christmas holiday. From ornaments to acorns, there is a little bit of everything. I really hope you take the time to look at these beautiful things as I am positive that it will help get you in the Christmas spirit :)

Can you believe how fast Christmas showed up? I don't know about you but for me, it came at lightning speed. I am busy running around looking for DIY projects, gift ideas etc. When I do finally sit down, it is often for hours at a time because I am busy building, glittering, sealing, painting, wrapping and daydreaming of what I could make that will make that certain someone smile. Let me just tell you though, I still feel completely unprepared and stressed that I won't have everything finished on time. Shh, that can be our little secret :)

With ten days to go, I still have a lot of work to do. I am trying to be mostly thrifty and homemade this year. Things that are not homemade will be shopped for on Christmas Eve. Yup. I am THAT crazy.

Other than that I must let you in on a teeny surprise. I am going to share a tutorial or two with you soon. Tutorials on mainly decoration ideas, but they could always be gift ideas too. I'm not 100% sure I will be able to share more than one due to time constraints, but I will if time allows me to. I hope you'll like it! It will be my first blog tutorial ever so I am a little nervous :)

Wow, and here I thought I didn't have much to say to you today. I really do love the blog-o-sphere and adore you, my readers :) I suppose I could talk to you all day if we were in the same room, but for now Santa's workshop is calling so....

Ho Ho Ho! Off I Go Go Go!

P.s. What about you? Are you making anything homemade? Are you worried that your gifts won't be ready in time, or are you totally prepared? Please, do tell :)

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