Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glittery Twine Trees

Hello friends! Just like I promised, I am back with my very first tutorial. Today I am going to teach you how to make beautiful  Glittery Twine Trees :) Ready? Let's begin!

1 or 2 Styrofoam Trees
Tacky Glue of the spray variety
Spray Paint
Glossy varnish or sealer
Gloves (not totally necessary but I recommend it)

Okay before I start rambling directions I must give you a helpers tip. Start by holding the top of the tree instead of the bottom (see picture above), and only spray the glue on the bottom half. Tacky glue is extremely sticky stuff so if you spray the whole thing with glue right off the bat, you will be irritated when your hand gets stuck. *Ahem* Not that I know from personal experience.

Moving on...

So now your holding the pointy part and sprayed glue on the bottom portion. You now want to start wrapping the twine. The end of the twine is put down first and then wrapped around the tree.

*It helps if you use one hand to pull the twine around the tree and the other to move the tree. It's both helpful for the twine and for your gooey glue hands.

When you make a full circle with the twine, cover the end of the string that was put down first. That way it won't come undone later. Then just keep wrapping and wrapping and wrappity wrapping. It is a somewhat tedious task but the end result is totally worth it. When that part is done, it should look similar to this:

Don't worry if your lines of twine are not completely touching. As long as you got them as close together as you could, it won't be noticeable when you are finished.


The next step is to spray it with spray paint. You will want to do this step outside because the fumes are very strong. Please read the label of the spray paint before use. Hold the tree above the newspaper while you spray so that way it will get an even coat and so that it won't stick to the newspaper. Otherwise, you will have a newspaper and glitter tree :)

Speaking of glitter, here comes the fun part! That's right friends, it's time to get your glitter on. Now, if the twine has dried at this point, you could just spray some tacky glue all over it and then sprinkle the glitter. If it is still wet, then glitter away! Try to get an even coat of glitter if you can :) Oh, and don't forget the newspaper. As you can see, glitter and spray paint can make quite a fun mess.

Now you make be asking yourself why the twine if we are just going to dump a ton of glitter on it? Well the answer to that is: Texture. The twine and glitter combo add a very subtle but beautiful texture. See for yourself (picture below).

To dry it, stand it up on the newspaper. Once it all dries, spray an even coat of glossy varnish or sealer over the entire thing. This helps to keep the glitter on the tree instead of on your face. Not that it happened to me. I recommend spraying one coat of varnish, letting it dry completely and then spraying with a second coat. Once it's all dry, Voila! You have a pretty decoration for your home, or a pretty gift for someone else.

Don't they look pretty? I think the glittery pine cones give it a little something extra, don't you think? :) And guess what? They are even more beautiful in person!

Enjoy & Happy Holiday Crafting Friends!


Faerie Sage said...

Oh awesome I love tutorials!

The Rich Ant said...

I love it I will be making those! Thanks for such a wonderful idea.

Diane said...

LOVE this--what a very fun tutorial--thanks!!!

Amanda said...

i love love the glitter trees, i will definitely be trying these!! thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

The results are beautiful. I am sure I will have glitter not only on my hands (the hair is a given)

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