Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Hello friends :) Do I have a surprise for you!

Since the holiday season is now in full force, I have decided to do a Thanksgiving giveaway. Yay!!

Since many of you are artists too, I have decided to giveaway something along those lines. Are you not an artist, but maybe you know someone that you need to get a Christmas gift for? Then this is perfect for you!

My only problem was that it came down to two choices and well, I am indecisive so instead of one, I have decided to give away TWO things!

These two things are on my top ten list of the coolest art things ever. The first one is a book called The Big Book of Cartooning by Bruce Blitz.

Illustration is one of my greatest passions in art. The characters, the personalities, the vast variety of different things you can do with them is amazing to me. Not to mention the vibrant colors that go along with them :) I figured if you are like me and have any interest in Illustration, and/or if you cannot afford to learn these things in art school...why not give away one of the coolest cartoon how-to books out there?

This book has as astounding 320 pages of everything from light and shadow to drawing comics to making money. You can learn to draw it all! It truly is one of my most cherished books of all time. You, or the person your shopping for, will simply adore it. Here are some inside pictures. My apologies for crappy pictures but I was too excited to not have shaky hands :)

Table of contents

How to draw faces

How to draw animals

How to put it all into a comic strip

The book as a whole

Now let me ask you, do you know someone who might like, oh I dunno...a gift card to one of the internets top retail sites for ART SUPPLIES?? ;)

The reason I ask is because I am also giving away a $20.00 gift card from Blick art materials!

Anyone can enter and here's how:

All you have to do is leave a comment! And if you'd like, maybe mention my work somewhere on the internet :)
That's it!

Good luck to you all. I wish you could all win!


Jenn Whitright said...

I wish I had known how talented you were in high school! I have always enjoyed anything artistic and now that I have the kids art is something I love to do with them! My favorite present I gave my parents and in-laws was paintings that I had Gavin do on 11x14 canvas.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a very interesting book. Thanks for sharing it! Love your art and love your style! Happy Thanksgiving!

dogwood said...

Came across your work on etsy... love it! Can't decide if houses or rain is my favorite.

sallybway at suddenlink dot net

casey887 said...

Oh man! This is an awesome giveaway Lynda! I was JUST thinking today about what to get one of my Best Friends for Christmas this year.. She is very artsy and loves to draw/paint/etc. Both of your prizes would be perfect for her. Even if I don't win (I totally hope I get lucky enough to though) I am definitely going to look into these things for her! :)

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy art I never feel talented. I am still struggling through Tam's workshop. Winning something art-ish would be great.

Cat is helping me type tonight. Not helpful.

daisy69778 said...

So fun that you are doing this giveaway!
I just found you on youtube and loved your talent. I'm a budding very excited self taught artist.
God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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