Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here's The Thing

It is now 9:30 p.m. You may be asking yourself, "What's this? The crazy lady that talks to us like we are in the same room and wears witch costumes in public has NOT made an Etsy treasury today?! But its Tuesday!"

I know my friends, I know. But let me tell you about my day. And while I admit that this is partial complaining, it is mostly factual.

I almost didn't hear my alarm go off this morning. I should have realized right then that there was a reason for that but alas, I did not. Anyway, the short story is this:

The day started off normally and I was in a good mood. Then it got worse. And now it's back to mostly normal but the good mood has faded to a frazzled, I-cannot-wait-until-bed time mood. You know what I'm talking about don't you?

So now you're probably wondering what the real story is. Maybe I stubbed a toe. Maybe I forgot I was on a diet. But no.

I got a big stomach ache, but it was weird. My stomach played mean games throughout the day as if it was seeing how long it would take for me to admit myself into the mental ward of the nearest hospital. As if that wasn't enough, technology decided to hop on the game board.

Seriously, technology declared war on me today. First, the thing I needed to print was on the wrong computer. Then I realized I had to empty my flash drive in order to get the thing off of the other computer. Then the shipping labels decided not to work with the printer upstairs so I had to go downstairs to the other one. Then THAT one decided it was the USB cables day off. Next, it ran out of ink. Then I realized I printed the stuff on normal paper instead of special paper. *Enter semi-unstable mental breakdown here*

Luckily, the Mr. Lovely decided to help out (probably sensing that his safety zone was about to be compromised) Well, I must shamefully admit that he too became the blame for all of the worlds unnecessary evils. *Enter time-out here*

Finally, we figured it all out and because he is oh so heavenly, he decided to make dinner while I worked on getting the rest of my order together for shipment tomorrow morning. Did I forget to mention that I sprayed the oven yesterday with cleaning chemicals and then forgot to wash it out? No? ........*Enter cricket sounds here*

All of a sudden I hear this, "Uh, honey...the oven is smoking and this really strong smell came out of the oven when I opened it."

Shit. (That's a Capital Shit, by the way)

Yes, we turned it off immediately. Yes we opened every single window, door and turned on every fan. Yes, we still managed to make dinner without the oven. No...my order was still not done.

After dinner I could not for the love of cupcakes find ANYTHING I needed to finish the order. I had to dump everything out and search within every crevice. And then, as if god himself to pity on me, the order was completed....


So you will forgive me this once for not making a treasury, won't you?

I knew you'd understand, so I left you a note in the picture below. Can you see it?

The pictures today are from my little studio area where all the magic happens. It's a tiny space really, but when technology and my stomach play nice, it's a great place to get the job done :)


Diane said...

This made me smile, and I thought I had a bad day! (the sick kind where you just lay around all day--yuck)

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Welcome to my life!
I found you from one of your videos and now am trying to find time to go watch every one you have uploaded to YouTube.
I am glad you did not have a major fire, you did get fed, and am ecstatic your order was completed.

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