Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Turkey Month!

Happy November everyone! I Hope you are all doing well :)

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and the fireplaces are smoking! It is almost time to hibernate for the Winter and a person like me wonders...are you ready?

While I will miss the Summer months and the Sun, I must shyly admit to you all that I am ready to accept the frosty mornings and hot cocoa. Well actually, I am not really shy about hot cocoa. I mean it is chocolate after all. And actually, I'm not that shy either, lol. However, if you told my friends that I am looking forward to Winter, they will laugh at you and think your kidding. Because by nature, I am and will always be a Summer girl.

Lately though, all I can think about is lounging around in pajamas with my boys and watching movies while listening to the sweet sound of rain. I can already smell the cinnamon spice and I can already see the glistening lights on the Christmas tree. I never used to be like this, daydreaming about wintery nights and all. But I figured out why my thinking has changed and it's not because of presents or the fact that holidays bring out family dysfunction at it's best ;) It's because of an observation of myself that I have recently discovered.

There isn't much to do during the Winter because it is cold and rainy and it's dark by 5. Because of that, I do much more art than I accomplish during any other season. Fall and Winter are quiet months. Thinking months and feeling months. Feeling grateful and thinking about our lives. What we want, what we need and what we love most. So you see, it is HUGELY inspirational to me as an artist.

Not to mention, all the decorating and craft time with my son :)

Todays Tuesday Treasury is all about being grateful, the changing of seasons, the beginning of something new and the welcoming of cocoa and art. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do, and I hope that your Winter is full of happiness and love.

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