Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

Did you know...

Todays Tuesday Terribly Tattled on Thursday, Thus Thinking in Turmoil Today?

Tis True.

Okay, maybe not...but the absence of todays treasury is Mondays fault.

Monday Missed Many Miraculous Moments while Merrily Munching Mangoes.

No? Shall I try the boring truth then? Alrighty...

Because yesterday was Labor Day, everyone was home so today I've been thinking all day how it is not Tuesday, but Monday. You see? :) We do not do Treasuries on Mondays, but Tuesdays indeed :)

So instead I decided that today would be a post of randomness. See that picture above? Those are all the books that I've been reading or flipping through. They are excellent books and I have to say, quite possibly my favorite at the moment. Especially the book about Lewis Carroll and the Secret Lives of Great Artists. Have you read them? No? Have you read any good books lately?

Most people would assume that art is my biggest obsession. And they're right. I will buy an $8.00 thing of glue before I will buy a purse or clothes (Not that I don't like to look cute, cuz I do. It's just not as big of a priority as glue I guess, lol).

However, the one other thing that I absolutely adore without question are books. I love them. I might even be obsessed. I cannot go into Borders without buying something. Take me to the mall and watch me walk out with nothing. Take me to Borders and watch me wish that I had more money. Weird eh?

Upstairs I have a closet bursting at the seams with books. The first book I ever read. The first book that scared the bajesus out of me, medical books, parenting books, witchcraft books, Dr. Suess books, paranormal books, and many MANY books I haven't even read. We have our own little private library. It's bigger than anyone elses collection that I've ever met so far. I must have around 300 books.

Maybe book obsessions are hereditary. My mom was actually denied at the library once because she had already checked out the maximum amount of books and still tried to check out more. That story is one of my favorites to tell, and one that my mom wishes I wasn't there to witness :) My sister also has the reading gene. I remember going to the library since I was little. Reading is HUGE to us. We still go to the library with our mom...and now when we go, we bring our babies like she always brought us.

I suppose it is safe to say that books are my 2nd greatest obsession. I love the way they smell, the way they take me places where I have never been, how they teach me something new..and the prices aren't bad at all :) I have found books for 50 cents!

How do you feel about books?

P.s....Are you getting ready for the big day yet??? ;)

1 comment:

Diane said...

Oooh, I LOVE Halloween!! And I love books, but more on the artsy side--you know with all of the pretty pictures. I'm making it my goal to make more time next year to actually read a book with no pictures in it.
(I have a whole bunch of very old books just because they're old--they're my favorite)

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