Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dedicated to a Gypsy - Tuesday Treasury

A woman I know moved around a lot back in the day. She believes in magic, understands what it's like to be different and encourages my creativity. In her own life, she wonders what it is that she's supposed to be. Looking back to when she was little, she remembers fondly that she wanted to be a Gypsy. A magical, palm reading, fortune telling gypsy that swirls around in a mismatched outfit, goes against the "norm" and experiences new places.

When I was little, this woman was the purest definition of magic. Because of her, I have experienced many magical things in my life such as:

* Sitting with Queen Elizabeth
* Watching a jousting tournament
* Sleeping under the stars
* Became friends a man with no lower body, who walked using only his hands
* Had my palm read by a fortune teller
* Experienced tarot readings
* Learned about magic
* Traveled to different places
* Learned how to be very intuitive
* I learned how to find the meaning of my dreams
* Participated in indian rituals like dancing under the moon and participating in sweat lodges
* I was allowed to wear silly and ridiculous outfits in public
* She told me I was pregnant before I suspected a thing, and she was right.
* Learned that its okay, even fabulous to be different

The list above is just a small example of how she adds spark to my life. Without her, I doubt I would have such magical experiences. My childhood was more than just a childhood. It was a journey. A journey to become the person I was always meant to be. An artist.

Now, when this woman asks herself why she feels lost, or why she doesn't know what she is supposed to become, I think to myself, "You are not lost. You are right where you're supposed to be. Sitting right here, eating chocolate for breakfast, and creating magic with your daughter."

So you see, what she doesn't realize is that she has already become what she was always meant to be. Not only is she the best definition of what a gypsy should be, but most importantly, she is my mom.

This Tuesday Treasury is dedicated to my mom, and to anyone else who, although they may not know it, are right where they're supposed to be.

Love you mom!

Gypsy Song

Gypsy Dance

P.s I didn't sit with the REAL Queen Elizabeth :) I sat with the Renaissance Faire Queen..but when I was little, she was the REAL Queen :)

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