Monday, July 5, 2010

Lessons In Wonderland

Just recently, we have covered the topic of Alice in Wonderland. In doing so, there were some things that I have learned. And those things, are what I speak of now.

What if, and this may sound really "mad", but what if Alice's Wonderland really existed? What if in all actuality it was....San Francisco? Hey, weirder things have happened. It could happen, and I will show you how.

Here we go. Down the rabbit hole itself.

Okay so first we have to get there. To San Francisco that is. We cross the bridge

Then, we see that we are late for this little date. Could it be the White Rabbits doing?

Then we drive past brightly colored houses the size of mini castles

Obvious signs of the Cheshire cats mischievous directions. This way, that way, which way is the right way??

We see flowers that have been caged for what seems to be misbehavior.

Then we come to a complete stop, which feels more like a fall. Upon closer inspection we see a door. An itty bitty door that seems impossible to enter

All of a sudden, there is a huge need for a fresh beverage and a snack. While I do understand that there aren't eat me or drink me signs, I must point out that in the "real world", you have to find most things out for yourself.

I dare say my friend, life continually gets curiouser and curiouser.

Next thing you know, a bird shows up. He explains that he is an in disguise kind of bird called a "dodo". Mr. incognito dodo says that he was chosen to show us the right path.

Whoosh! All of a sudden our eyes see a pretty little sign that welcomes us in

And just like that, we are in wonderland! The kind that Alice herself would create! I know, it doesn't make sense, but that's okay. I'm sure the most sane person would agree that the "real" world is mostly nonsense anyway.

Here are some treats for going on this adventure with me

Would you like to join me for tea?

It's much muchier to sit at the table ya know:

Whats that? You need to SEE Alice?

Here are some other things to hear and see:

Alice is now the most important tea merchant in all the land

We finally found the mad hares whereabouts

Our dear lovely Alice has also become quite the crafter. She says that her artistic friends had an influence :)

When things calmed down a little, she made a delicious cake with a wonderous theme just for you and me

I would like to give you some presents to take home as a thank you. Go on now, take what you like :)

And then at just the drop of a hat, we were on our way back home with lightning speed!

What I have learned:

While that was all good and fun, I must point out that there was also sun. Wonderland is all around you see. You just need to take time to sip some tea. Friends don't just disappear, but sometimes it helps to keep an open ear. Laughter and joy can fill most days, those two alone are worth more than pay. Take a moment to just sit right there, and always remember that someone cares.

Pictures and poem by me.

All treats and goodies are the property of the beautiful and lovely store:

Who graciously gave me permission to take photos and blog about their tea shop. Thank you Crown and Crumpet!

(You should definitely check them out!)

1 comment:

Charli Armstrong said...

I love it!!!!

I am a big Alice in Wonderlad/Through the Looking Glass fan and am always delighted meet others.

This post just gave me happy chills! Thank you!

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