Monday, June 7, 2010


Guess what guys and girls? My story is for all to see right now on Crescendoh! :)

For those of you that don't know, Jenny Doh (the former editor-in-chief of Stampington & Company) has started a new business and is now editor-in-chief of Crescendoh. Crescendoh is a place where artists share their stories on how art saved their lives, as well as a place where ideas are born to help people less fortunate than ourselves. It truly is an amazing place and one that will surely influence the art community as a whole.

I would like to thank the entire staff of Crescendoh for giving us a place to share our stories and I am extremely grateful that you chose my story to share as well. THANK YOU.

If you would like to learn more about how art saved me then click here.

Have a great week everyone!


hula-la said...

YOU GO GIRL! Being a Mother,
"Domestic Goddess" in my book, is a job all by itself! The mother of 3, there is never ME time. So, after starting my Art Journal, thanks to your tutorials on YouTube, I carry it with me everywhere I go. While I'm waiting for one of them at voice, the other one at dance, or on my lunch break at work, I doodle and draw and write. Sometimes I prepare the pages in advance and am ready to go at a moment's notice. Thank you for your inspiration. ART IS MY ESCAPE!

Plumrose Lane said...

How wonderful, congratulations!! I'll have to go off and read your story but just wanted to stop by, say thanks to you and how much I enjoyed visiting your blog. Love your work too!

Diane said...

Lynda, I love your story!! I completely believe in the magical therapy of art--whatever it may be.
Love your style of art too--it makes me smile. I'm a new fan!
P.S. Didn't you or don't you have a you tube channel also? If so, I've been a subscriber and I miss them --I loved watching you create. (unless I'm thinking of someone else :)

And congratulations too!

PBsArtStudio said...

Hi... Thank you so much for stopping by! Congratulations on getting your story on Crescendoh, Iv'e never heard of it but I'll go check it out,and I'll have to go check out your story! I do like the name for that painting of mine... going postal... thats cute!HAHA oh and I love your blog name... I have a painting I sold a while back called "butterfly dreams" it's in my sold items on Etsy if you want to check it out.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Congrats Lynda! That's fabulous! I'll be sure to visit the link to read your magical story. Thank you for your sweet visit! Creative Blessings to you! :)

Gina Lee Kim said...

Oh Lynda....your story is much needed in times like these. Absolutely.

p.s. I too was a part of Crescendoh's readers share & I just have to say, isn't it amazing what a community of artist can do? We are not alone.

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