Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love you

I have been such a bad friend lately! I feel horrible about not getting back to you guys :( I have been working more hours and getting more and more art business. Plus, my son has finished school recently so I am adapting to new places to drive, new pieces to create, and more people to help. I promise I will keep in touch, it just might take longer than usual. I really do love you guys! lol, I would be a bored and lonely internet girl if it wasnt for all of your friendships and encouragement :) Also, I have decided to pass along the Watermelon Award to the following beauties:

Congrats guys!

Lets see, what else. Oh, I am making a box of goodies for my cousin Wyatt who is not only in the Army, but also in Afghanistan fighting for our beautiful country. The box is full of man goodies now...I just need to get some man food (pringles, tuna, cheetos, lol). Im pretty sure that I am going to send things that make absolutely no a whoopie cushion, a pancho, birth control, things like that, lmao. It should make him laugh because he has a twisted sense of humor. On that note, I will end this blog with a quick letter to my cousin.

To my cousin Wyatt:
I think about you every single day and eagerly wait for your safe return home. I think you are a butthead for leaving our family, but the bravest man I know for fighting for our freedom. You come home safe or I will kick your flippin gluteous maximus! :) Keep me posted. Love you! xoxo


suziart said...

Love the award...Thank you Darhhling!!!

TanyaMac said...

yay! Thanx Lynda hun! I'm sure Wyatt will love his box of treats ;)*

Ivy and Haley said...

Oh dear, I hope all is well for your cousin!


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