Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Bee

Hello friends! :) Here is my new video! (Click here to see it -->) The giveaway results are in! Also, meet my son. He's the little dude in the very beginning. He cant stand being video taped...or photographed for that matter so I had to sneak up on him like the stinker that I am. Let's see, what else...hmm...oh! I got my first ever BLOG AWARD. YAY!!! It is the award on the right side of my blog. My duty is to pass it on to six other lucky bloggers. Due to the fact that this video took about 5 hours to edit and upload, I will have to pass the award on tomorrow. Have a good day and take care of you!


sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Hi Linda and CONGRATULATIONS for both, your first award and your video!!!!!! The video is just super!! Loved the painting, it's so happy and bright! Your son is really gorgeous, you have all the reasons to be very proud of him!
A big, warm hug for both of you,
Sanda xx

Anonymous said...

Okay this painting is my second favorite ever, My first is teh spider woman painting and I swear one day when we are back on our feet and out of this recession I'm buying both of them!!
Love your art, It inspires.

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