Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Shop!

Hello all :o) It's official, I have my very own Etsy Shop. All mixed media prints and paintings made by yours truly! I am still in the process of getting some really good stuff in the shop. Learning takes a lot more patience and practice than I like sometimes, lol. Today is all about the shop and getting a painting done. I have 4 commissions now and 5 leads. The last painting that I sold is totally loved which makes me very happy. Here is the link to my store, go check it out if you have time and by all means, feel free to buy something, lol. New work to be posted soon so keep checking the store. Hope all is going well for you.


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful paintings!!
Congrats on the Shop hun!

Anonymous said...

That is how my page is, I just have like you and another person who comment and read..

But it's always just a way to vent and if someone likes what I write cool, If not it helped me.

=] Im just envious of you, You follow your dreams and it is very inspiring.

JM - Queen of Chaos said...

Good luck Lynda! I am new to Etsy as well! I opened shop in August and have not done a very good job at keeping up with it! We'll have to figure it out together!

I really like your work! It's fun, vibrant and somewhat chaotic...which I LOVE!

Paula said...

Love the colors in this, and well done on your etsy store.

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