Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Give Away

I'm doing a local giveaway of a painting that I made. Its actually the painting that you're looking at now, lol. It's on a 4x4 canvas and is done with acrylic paint. This will be sort of like a scavenger hunt. Anyone that is in the local area is free to participate. I will be hiding it somewhere and then whoever finds it first gets it. The only rule is that I want a picture of the winner holding the painting :) So far a lot of people seem interested, especially on Myspace. Speaking of Myspace, you can check out my profile by going to Other than that, just doing laundry. All of the washers and dryers were used up by my neighbors all day yesterday. Sucks when that happens. This morning I was smart and put my laundry in before anyone else good get ahold of the washers, lol. It was either that or call Chuck Norris to come help me regulate...but Chuck Norris doesn't have to answer his phone. Oh, I sold 3 prints to a new customer on my etsy site and she gave me wonderful feedback! Made me feel very special. Have a good day and I will post again soon. Take care of you! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I adore that painting.. It is my favorite so far, You are so talented!!!

To bad I'm not local.. But I am going to add you to myspace. =]

Keep inspiring!

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