Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay so a LOT has been going on in my little world. First, I graduated college on Tuesday. WOOHOO!!! I graduated with Deans honors AND they gave me a special award in front of everybody. Its a plaque that says "Exemplary Student Award" and it came with a Human Sciences award from the State Legislature. was very flattering and extremely unexpected :) Second, it was my sons 9th Birthday. He's growing up right before my very eyes. We are going to San Fran today to celebrate. We are very excited. Third, I got a cat named Lucy. She's a brown Tabby that I named Lucy. She is a scaredy cat but is warming up faster than I thought she would. Last but not least, I got this camera. Check this bad boy out! It's super cool. I've been taking pictures of everything so I can use them in my art and I will hopefully get the chance to use it a lot today. Other than that, everything is good on the home front. So, how are you??


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! That is soo wonderful!

And Happy Birthday to your son!


island sunshyne said...

Congratulations! :) So much to be happy for these days. :)

I think (?) we are already friends over on YouTube...I have the same username over there. I just started a blog here and thought I recognized your profile photo. I am just getting back into the art scene...look forward to catching up with you! :)

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